What is a Man and Van service?

A Man and Van service is essentially a form of transportation and delivery service designed to assist with moving items from one place to another. These services typically consist of a driver (the ‘Man’) and a van. The service is often used for moving home, but can also be employed for smaller jobs such as moving single items, delivering items for businesses, or transporting items to storage. They offer a more personalised, flexible and affordable solution compared to larger removal companies, often with a strong local knowledge that can be invaluable.

What areas do Man and Van services in Bristol cover?

Man with a Van movers in Bristol typically cover all areas within the city and its suburbs, extending to neighbouring towns and villages as well. Many services are also willing to perform longer distance moves, whether elsewhere in the UK or even internationally. It’s always best to discuss your specific needs with the service provider to ensure they can accommodate your requirements.

What types of items can be transported using a Man and Van service?

A Man and Van removals service is incredibly versatile, capable of transporting almost any item that can fit within the confines of a van. This includes but is not limited to furniture, appliances, boxes of personal items, and often even more unusual items like musical instruments or artwork. However, you should always notify the service of any particularly large, heavy, or valuable items to ensure they can accommodate these.

How do I book a Man and Van service in Bristol?

Booking a Man with a van Van service in Bristol is typically straightforward. Many services offer online booking systems, while others may require a phone call or email. You’ll need to provide information about the quantity and type of items you’re moving, the pick-up and drop-off locations, and your preferred date and time. The service provider will then provide a quote and confirm your booking.

Can I hire additional manpower for assistance during the moving service?

Yes, most Man and Van movers can provide additional manpower if required, whether that’s for packing, loading, unloading, or unpacking. However, this will usually come at an extra cost, so be sure to discuss this with the service provider at the time of booking.

Can I schedule a Man and Van service for evenings or weekends?

Absolutely. Many Man and Van removals operate outside of traditional working hours to provide flexibility for their customers. Whether you need an evening pick-up after work or a weekend move to avoid disruption, this can usually be accommodated. However, it’s worth noting that rates may vary depending on the time of your booking.

Can I travel with a man and removal van?

Yes, it’s often possible to travel with the Man and Van, although this will depend on the specific service provider and any insurance restrictions they may have. This can be especially useful if you’re moving a short distance and don’t have your own transport.

Can I cancel or amend my booking?

Most Man and Van services will allow you to cancel or amend your booking, although the specific terms will vary between providers. There may be charges for cancelling or changing your booking close to the scheduled date, so be sure to check the company’s policy when booking.

What if I want to add additional items to my move on the day?

In most cases, adding a few additional items on the day of your move won’t be a problem, providing there’s enough space in the van. However, if the additional items significantly increase the volume or weight of your move, there may be additional charges, or a second van or journey might be required. It’s always best to notify the service provider of any changes as soon as possible.

What happens if my move requires more than one van load/journey?

If your move requires more than one van load or journey, this can usually be accommodated. The service provider will either use a larger vehicle, make multiple trips, or employ an additional van and driver, depending on the circumstances. Be aware that this will likely increase the cost of your move.

Will I need to be present during the job?

While you’re not usually required to be present for the entire job, it’s usually advisable to be there at the start and end to facilitate access, answer any questions, and check that everything is as it should be. If you can’t be there, you’ll need to arrange for someone else to be present on your behalf.

Do you charge for Congestion charge and parking?

While this will depend on the specific service provider, any charges incurred for congestion, parking, or tolls are typically passed on to the customer. This should be clarified when you receive your quote.

Do you offer same-day service?

Many Man and Van services do offer same-day service, depending on availability. This is especially useful for urgent moves, but it’s always best to book as far in advance as possible to ensure your preferred date and time.

Can I store my items in a van overnight?

Typically, storing items in a van overnight isn’t recommended for security reasons. Some Man and Van services may offer this under certain circumstances, but it’s more common for them to arrange for overnight storage at a secure facility if needed.

Can I compare quotes without a confirmed move date?

Yes, most Man and Van services will be able to provide a quote without a confirmed move date. However, keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year, so the quote may change slightly when you do confirm your booking.

Will I get a receipt on completion?

Yes, upon completion of the job, the Man and Van service should provide you with a receipt. This will confirm the work done and the final cost, and should be kept for your records.

Will there be any documents to sign?

In most cases, you’ll be required to sign a job sheet or contract before the move begins. This will detail the terms and conditions of the service, the items being moved, and any other relevant information. Be sure to read this carefully before signing.

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