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Moving Tips

Planning your Move

Whether you’re moving the entire belongings from one end of the country to the other, or you just need help with a few bags and boxes, you’ll find the following tips useful to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Packing – Always remember to label each box or bag clearly, and never pack the kettle until last!

Rubbish – Sprint removals provide a service for unwanted furniture items and junk in general, should you have items you no longer want.

Save the day – Book your removal as soon as you are sure of your moving day, and never leave it until the last minute as you may find it hard to get a removal booked at short notice.

The new address – Find a map showing your new address and always make sure you have any contact numbers you may need on your phone or at hand.

Who needs to know – Apart from relatives and friends, there are many people who have a necessary interest in knowing your new address. Check out the checklist linked to below to make sure you have informed those who should be informed of your move.

Notify Checklist

System furniture – According to the manufacturers, system furniture can be dismantled and reassembled at will. However, our experience has found the when reassembled, system furniture never goes together quite as well as it did the first time, and furthermore, it can’t be covered by insurance policies. Therefore, you might want to consider moving it as is, without dismantling. But do be aware the joints may become loose during transportation.

Boxes – always box up as many items as possible as opposed to putting in bags. This helps for speedy loading and easy trolley transportation, and the items are more secure when placed in the back of the van.

Packing supplies – You can buy packing supplies and removal boxes from eBay or other suppliers you’ll find online. Remember you will need to order bubble wrap, protective tissue paper (or you can use old newspapers) and all kinds of moving boxes.